Friday, 8 May 2009


I've been too lazy to type more than the odd word to someone on facebook chat recently.

So I'll just ramble a little about last Sunday (3rd May)!

Last Sunday the 3rd of May was Sounds from the Other City! An awesome little music festival in Salford. Lots of local pubs took part, The Mark Addy, The Rovers Returns, The Kings Arms etc. as well as a few of the churches.

Rather than describe the day and the lineup and shit I'd rather just mention the amazing day I had with my friends!

To be honest the lineup is so good and rammed you'd literally have to spend 15 mins or less at some of the shows as they always clash like fuck.

Our day started at 3pm, rather than head to the festival (which started at 3) we had a few cheap pints in Sinclairs first to say goodbye to our dear friend Constantine who is heading off to be in the army!!!

By the time we got to the festival we were pretty tipsy, and it was only 4:30pm.


Tom Attah in The Salford Arms

We sat in here with some ale whilst he sang. His voice was hypnotic and I'd definitely pay to see him again! Check him out! :)

The Invisible in The Rovers Return

We'd listened to these guys before we the flat and were very excited about catching them! I'd describe them as a more upbeat, funkier (if I can use that word in 2009) version of TV on the Radio. You HAVE to check them out. I'll be keeping my ear out for them, hopefully they'll be playing somewhere nearby soon!

Marina and the Diamonds at Sacred Trinity Church

This was the gig I was most looking forward to, so we headed there in time to sit right at the front! The setting could not have been more perfect. Her voice was amazing and filled the little church (ok, I guess it was amplified through HUGE speakers, haha). 

Check out 'I am not a Robot' - it's my favourite song.

She told me afterwards that she wants to release it as a single, but her record label would prefer something else! I think it's ace though, do you? :)

***Better quality non iPhone pictures coming soon when I can be arsed to upload***

Cava under the bridge next to the Lowry Hotel

OK, so this wasn't on the agenda really, but whatever. We needed a break from the crowds so headed to the shop for a very nice bottle of expensive but reduced by half to £6 gorgeous Cava...and a bottle of Vodka (which we stirred into our cheaper-than-Beer-pints-of-coke).

We sipped it by the river under the bridge....TRAMP STYLE.     :)

All in all it was a fucking ace weekend

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