Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Sunday

Yesterday was such a nice day.

I was a little hungover after the day in Heaton Park (followed by more wine at the flat and then a few bars!)...but it was very slight.

First stop was to Urbis to see the new 'State of The Art : New York' exhibition.

I've always found Urbis a bit hit-and-miss, sometimes I really love what they are doing....other
 times I just wish I hadn't hung around so long to get the weird elevator all the way up to the top (to put it politely!).

This time was different though. It was awesome!!!

The moment you enter the floor you are greeted with basically a huge head of Jesus suspended from the ceiling surround with a swarm of umbrellas, skulls and wooden boards.

I like it a lot.

Another I enjoyed (I ought to take more pics and remember the names of the pieces!) featured a loud electronic buzzing sound and a messed up tv screen full of coloured static which was also
 projected onto a white screen. Members of the public are encouraged by little wooden signs to weave lengths of coloured wires together. These are then woven across the white screen,
 blocking off some of the projection.

(iPhone pics don't do it any justice!)

It was bizzare. I like how the old materials/methods are mixed with the new :)        and I really loved the loud electronic buzzing sound for some reason!

My favourite of the lot however was a video installation in a small darkened room.

I didn't get to watch it the whole way through but I shall be back for more! 

The video features windows and various people from a neighbourhood basically shouting at passers by down below. It was hilarious to say the least...I couldn't contain my laughter, especially when a larger sized black lady was airing all of her dirty laundry. She must have shouted abuse at at least 3 of her exes from her window before having a go at a passing 'hoochie'.

"Don't tell me to act like a lady! I've seen you! I've seen you standing outside the liquor store offering yourself up for a cup of vodka!".....Or words to that effect.

Seriously, if you are in the Manchester area GO AND SEE IT, JUST FOR HER, PLEASE!!!

You have until 6th September anyway :P

Also, head to Lincoln Square to see 'True Yank' by the artist Leon Reid IV:

From there we took a nice scenic route past the Cathedral to Manchester Peace Gardens...basically a few benches and trees by the Town Hall. It was verrry peaceful though. An awesome spot for people watching aswell. I swear it must be in some Manchester Tour Book as I saw about 10 groups of tourists within 30mins!

Obviously we had to go to the Wetherspoons pub by the park. But at least it was the Waterhouse Wetherspoons. 

I'm quite a snob at times but that place is quite pleasant inside (no tramps or wasted alcoholics) and £1.29 for a Sailor Jerry and coke or a pint of John Smiths.....fuck yes! :)

On the way home I passed through China Town and headed to the bakery. Sadly I ate all the goods before I thought to photograph them. I had a Curry Beef Bun and a Sausage and Egg Bun. I'm hungry remembering them, argh!

I also browsed around a tiny chinese supermarket, the aisles in which were sooo tightly crammed together to fit more stock in that I could hardly get down them! I'm definitely going back there, it was as if I'd actually gone to China :)


  1. You're not one of those bloggers that puts up a post once every six months are you? L xx

  2. Not unless I have nothing to say or I haven't made and devoured anything interesting lately! :P