Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Metric - Manchester Academy 3, Monday 11th May '09

OK, I did my usual stupid thing of knowing about a gig for aaaages yet failing to buy tickets before they sold out!

I did manage to procure some last minute thank fuck! (Thanks Laura! :) )

I saw Metric in 2007 I think last, and I was fairly into them then. That was a good gig, quite intimate and nice.

But Monday's was fucking awesome!!!

After playing 'Fantasies' (the new album) pretty much constantly for the past few weeks I was incredibly excited to see them perform the new stuff live (aswell as the old stuff) :)

They played:

Twilight Galaxy (I thought it was odd to start with this...but it really worked as they built it up so much towards the end with strobes - felt like we were in some fucking warehouse rave of the future!)

Help I'm Alive (The powerful first track of the new album had everyone thumping their chests! The acoustic version on the album is gorgeous!)

Satellite Mind
(...heard you fuck through the wall....=lovely)

(From 'Live It Out' - this was fucking awesome. Loud and frantic. I love 'buy this car to drive to work, drive to work to pay for this car!' - even though I walk to work I still totalllllly get this. :P )

Sick Muse
(I love this song. One of my favourites on 'Fantasies'.)

Gold Guns Girls (This too was great!)

Gimme Sympathy (See below...........:) )

Collect Call (This song is gorgeous and it really showed off Emily's vocal talents! :) )

(Obviously one of the best tracks from 'Live It Out' - this was cool loud and live! Her head must have fucking hurt after thrashing it about so much - wish I had a video!)

Front Row
(Another goooood song from the new album.)

Dead Disco
("Tits out, pants down, overnight to London" - hell yes!)

Stadium Lo
e (My ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE track from the new album! In which they have imagined some post apocalyptic Noah's ark type scenario where every living thing is pitted against one another to battle it out! Get the album and get this one LOUD! :) )

Then, for the encore...

Monster Hospital (Best track of 'Live It Out' - hence the crowd went wild! Fucking loved it!)

Live It Out (A nice gorgeous end to an amazing night!)

I'm glad it was Academy 3! By far my favourite Manchester gig venue. Where else can a 6 foot 3 guy prop himself up at a bar for a constant supply of beer and cider whilst still having a flawless up close view of the stage???!!!

Emily Haines was fucking awesome! Like a cross between Peachs and Karen O! 

I used to be a PRO at getting backstage, especially in Academy 2 and 3 gigs. I'm sad to say that I've LOST MY TALENT! Some bitch told us "The band won't speak to ANYONE after the gig"...I said, "Not even you? Please just ask them to sign my ticket stub!". "They won't even speak to me!"

That's probably because the woman was a stupid bitch.

Meeting Emily Haines ended up being a little bit of a letdown for a new friend I met at the gig, but I guess she was nackered and deserving of a rest! :)

OK - Now for a crude admission, I do think it's necessary though.

You know when you're at a gig, and you've had a few beers/whatever....and you really need a piss? But you daren't go in fear of missing a beloved song?

Well the latest album is so good that I struggled to go and relieve myself for much of the gig. Eventually I settled for pissing during "Gimme Sympathy" - because it does piss me off a little bit....I dunno it just seems to have some weird patronising overtone or something.

So yeah, the gig was THAT GOOD that I nearly pissed my pants. 


  1. I fucking hate you, I wanted to go to this so bad. I'm gonna have a Metric day tomorrow me thinks. Just put my review up of the new Peaches album. Thoughts? L x

  2. Hehehe!

    Sorry I couldn't get more tickets :(

    Yeah I love your review. It's actually made me relisten. I've had it on loud tonight. Some tracks are fucking awesome!!! :)