Sunday, 25 April 2010

Grey Oceans Part 2

Time for another little update on Grey Oceans!

It's not long now until the album is released:

3rd May in Europe
11th May in USA

but amazingly there are a few sites that are streaming the whole fucking album!

I am possibly gonna create a music specific blog in the next week, so my review of the album can wait!

But in the mean time I'll give a brief overview of my favourite tracks. Of course, each has it's merits but I highly recommend the below:

Smokey Taboo This one really exemplifies the new direction. You can still hear the Cocorosie sound and the lyrics are as poetic as ever!

Hopscotch A little drum and bass-ey but it grew on me very fast!

The Moon Asked the Crow ("...for a little show...") :)

Lemonade The first single from the album. I love how it begins all twinkly. Sierra's voice is awesome!!!

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