Monday, 26 April 2010


A couple of weeks ago I took a Mensa IQ test.

It's not that I had anything to prove...I was just curious!

I'd taken a 'home test' years ago but never posted it back. So randomly about two months back I did it again. Mensa responded saying I probably had an IQ of 148, so I should take the supervised test.

I'd woken up earlyish the day of the test. It's just a shame I had forgotten all about it! For some reason I had thought it was the following week (, not looking great haha!)...

but I remembered in the nick of time and briskly walked to the venue.

The tests were really fucking difficult in places! I kept on panicking and even filled in one of the answer papers incorrectly! I ticked the boxes for 'Test 3' whilst actually on 'Test 2' which meant wasting 5 mins of crucial time correcting it!

I didn't tell many of my mates because I was sure that I'd fucked up.

And sure enough I did.

Mensa tell me I have an IQ of 147 (I'm in the top 3% of the population). To get into Mensa you need 148 (top 2%).

Which ain't bad!

But yeah, I'm gonna retake it next year and actually get in!

"You may be a dunce by Mensa standards but you're still a cool dude." Claire from YACHT

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